Having the capability, experience and all the latest software is essential for ensuring we build exactly what you need and want, to help you do your job easier and more efficiently. We use a range of software packages to enable us to do this.

Solidworks CAD

Our utilisation of the Solid Works computer aided design technology has been pivotal in our success, providing our in-house design team with the finest tools available to work closely with every major vehicle manufacturer and produce a solution that’s perfect for you.

Designs are initially done in 3D which allows us to see the vehicle that is going to be manufactured. This allows us to carry out all manner of testing on the products we are designing; from stress testing and deformation to gross mass and capacity testing.


When altering a wheelbase or fitting a crane to a truck chassis, it is imperative that the specified tolerances, particularly of the axle weights are met, to ensure the stability of the vehicle whilst ensuring all legalities are achieved.

To determine this, prior to any work being carried out we design the proposed vehicle utilising our TrailerWin software, which gives you and us the confidence that the end product we supply you with will meet all your needs and all the statutory requirements.

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