Environmental Policy

Britcom do their bit to help save the planet, through a series of recycling initiatives.

When the purpose built site was designed, back in 2006, at the forefront of our minds was the need to ensure it was ‘ Environmentally Friendly’.

  • The whole of the Bodyshop operates prescribed processes to conform to the EPA Act.
  • Our steam cleaning bays use recycled water which goes into a fresh water lagoon at the far end of the site, and so the need to use mains water is eliminated.
  • Our shotblasting booth uses aluminium oxide grit, which can be recycled between 50-80 times before it has to be replaced, without compromising finish quality.
  • Our paint shop has its own recycling plant for all excess paint. The plant separates the paint into solids and solvents. The distilled solvent is re-used for cleaning equipment and thinning paint; the solids are disposed of in a controlled manner. The paint facility also ensures every paint can is washed to remove any paint residue, and then the cans are crushed and shipped of for recycling. The paint facility also uses masking materials – specifically paper and tape: these, along with general bodyshop paper waste are compacted into bales before disposal.
  • Within the parts, engineering and service departments, all plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, aerosols, old batteries etc are all recycled into separate containers and taken offsite by a specialist waste company.
  • Within the offices, all plastic, cardboard and toners are recycled.
  • We are a company committed to energy efficiency: lights and heating are only switched on in areas of the site where people are at work and we have PIR lights installed in all corridors.

We continuously assess our practices to ensure that we continue to operate environmentally friendly procedures across the business.

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