Quality Policy

Scope of Supply

Britcom supplies refurbished and modified commercial vehicles and plant equipment from an extensive range of stock to a diverse range of customers in the UK and overseas markets. It also provides specialist retail services in chassis modifications; bespoke ancillary equipment design, build and fitment, restoration and paintwork, identification, source and supply of spare parts and the preparation and submission of all shipping and export documentation.

Commitment to Quality

In recognising the importance of our customer relationships, the company is committed to providing our customers with a service and products that meets or exceeds their expectations on every occasion. In order to do so the company wholly embraces the standards encompassed within ISO 9001:2015 to deliver those quality objectives. In particular the company recognises the importance of:-


The Senior Management Team is committed to providing an environment in which our employees can actively contribute to the company’s quality objectives and ensure that the company meets all of its statutory, legislative and contractual obligations. It recognises the importance of a skilled and resourceful workforce and strives to deliver an environment where their employees can develop, improve and maintain their skillsets in order to maximise their personal and collective potential. It also recognises the vital importance of establishing and maintaining excellent supplier relationships and endeavours to build long-term partnerships in order to deliver their commitment to quality.

Process Approach

The company manages its activities in such a way as to deliver its products and services to the highest standard and in the most effective and efficient manner. Those activities are clearly outlined and documented within the Quality Management System that specifies the application of the guidance contained with ISO 9001:2015.

Organisational Context and Risk-Opportunity Assessment

The Senior Management Team ensures that the company periodically reviews the requirements of all stakeholders in the operations undertaken within the business and requires that risk and opportunities are identified, assessed and acted upon during all processes undertaken by the company.

Continual Improvement

Britcom is committed to the process of continual improvement of the products and services that it provides. It sets key performance indicators and undertakes a regular systematic review of performance against those indicators in order to identify and implement collective learning and improvement throughout the business. The processes and procedures outlined in the Quality Management System are also subject to continual review and enhancement to ensure that all objectives are met.

This Quality Policy Statement, following ratification by the Senior Management Team, is available for all stakeholders to review.

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